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Music > Jazz, Blues

Day by Day - Femi Kuti

A 50' documentary directed in 2010 by Thomas Bataille

This film is a journey into the heart of making music.

As the film follows the development of a track from Femi Kuti's latest album, it sets out to explain the artistic decisions. These choices are inseparable from Femi’s involvement in the political situation in his home country, Nigeria.
Correct arrangements and bold choices involving one guitar strumming patterns over another, woven together with a choir’s harmony, come together to bring forth the artist's message.

The film thus sheds light on the unsung work of the record producer, Sodi, in the specific context of urban and antiestablishment music : Afrobeat.

"Day by Day" explores this musical journey in the Parisian studio and also documents the intimidation Femi is subject to in Nigeria, because of his opposition to the current regime.

The documentary shifts between the object of the artist’s struggle; his fight to lift Nigeria and Africa as a whole out of the despondent poverty, and the proof of his commitment and tools of his trade: haunting, catchy songs.
Step by step, in the fascinating world of the studio, from the initial recordings to the album’s release, from the artist’s financial problems to his nomination for a Grammy Award, this documentary gives us real insight into every aspect of the creative process.

Festivals : - Fipatel 2010 - Vision du réel (Nyon 2011)

Awards : *Star from Scam 2011, Paris, France

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