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0,9 Ampere

A 55' documentary directed in 2009 by Giotto Barbieri

Electroshock, cure or torture?
- The history of a medical treatment
- A quick sharp shock inside the complex labyrinth of depression.

ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy), also known as "electroshock", is still used today and is probably one of the most controversial therapies.

Electroshock was invented by an Italian neuropsychiatrist, Ugo Cerletti,Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rome, in the late 30s and was based on inducing convulsions on a patient through an electric current of 0.9 Ampere to the brain using electrodes attached to the head.
For some people the practice should have been banned, for others it was the last resort for severe pathologies.

What do we really know about Electroshock?

Festivals : * Figra on 24th March at 18h30 * Piemonte Movie 2009 Torino 11/03/09 - Italy * 44rd AFO Olomouc Film Accademy 2009 - 14/04/09 Olomouc - Czech Republic * Rome docscient 2009 Rome, Italy * International Science Film Festival 2009 - Athens Greek * Annecy Cinema Italien 2009 - Annecy France * Rendez-Vous with Madness Film Festival 2009 - Toronto Canada * The Hugo television awards 2010 - Chicago USA * Frames of Mind Film Series 2010 - Vancouver Canada * Image Santé 2010 - Liege Belgium * FIPA 2010 - Biarritz France * Festival International de Casablanca 2010 * Vedere la Scienza Festival 2010 - Milan Italy * 39 th Roshd International film festival 2009 - Teheran Iran * 6th Festival international de Cine Independiente de Mar Del Plata 2010 - Argentina

Awards : * 1st Prize Rome docscient 2009 Rome, Italy * Silver Hugo Best documentary History/Biography - The Hugo television awards 2010 - Chicago USA * Prix of Jury - Festival International de Casablanca 2010

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