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 Incredible new jobs

A 3 X 5' report directed in 1997 by Philippe Lespinasse

To find a job is sometimes a kind of miracle. Some people though have found an occupation in which they hardly need to fear competitors.
The very respectable Profession Development Board of Inquiry has made some researches on the subject.

There is the table-tennis ball musicologist. He finds the perfect resonance which will bring the balls to the highest championships. There is the Conversation Launcher, who used to work in a multinational firm and invented this clever job which saves many parties when people donít mix together. At last, we discover the Pea - Calibrator Specialist, today near retirement, but who, since he left school at the age of 14, matches peas from all around the world, according to their size, their weight, their iron or copper rate.

Serious or not serious ?

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