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Adventures and Sports > Extrem

Deep Deep Blue - Guillaume Néry

A 54' documentary directed in 2010 by Axel Ramonet, Aurore Asso

They are few 'fish' men that make a living from apnea.
20 years after "The Big Blue", these explorers of the abysmal world beat depth records and snatch the headlines from each others.

Among them, Guillaume Nery - 27 years old, has been several times champion and world record holder of free diving sport. In the discipline of constant weight, he is the third man that has gone the deepest, with a dive to -113 meters.

With a hundred men practicing this sport at the highest level, only 3 or 4 are qualified for these depths (the height of the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower). They will all compete in the World Championship which takes place in the Bahamas.

The Austrian phenomenon Herbert Nitsch participates to the competition.

The big race of the depths is engaged, each meter counts, William's life is punctuated by trips to the sea, physical but also psychological preparation.

Indeed, the mind of a conqueror in not enough in this discipline, one needs also to achieve physical serenity to stand the lack of oxygen and the depths' pressure.

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