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Adventures and Sports > Women

2 Girls in the Boxing Ring

A 55' & 60' documentary directed in 2009 by Alexandra Riguet

Lucie and Sarah are both European boxing champions in their category. They also have been admitted in one of the top schools in France: Sciences Po Paris. Sarah Ourahmoune is the discrete brunette while Lucie Bertaud is the spirited blond.

Both of them have set two goals to reach for the year 2009: the Boxing world's championship in China and succeed in their first year of college.

They constantly give the best of them whether it's in school, boxing or at work. Indeed they both have to keep a job to support themselves.

For Science Po, everything went well and they both have passed the first year. For boxing, things have been more complicated… Their journey has been full of hazards and even accidents. Lucie broke her elbow a month before the competition but she hid it and went to the championships anyway.

Once in China, Sarah went through the preliminaries' rounds easily. But at the final, she had to face a Chinese opponent when the judges were outrageously favoring the boxers from the tournament's host country…

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