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No Vacancy !

A 56' & 90' documentary directed in 2005 by Michael Tobias

If current world population trends were to continue, human numbers could more than double, hitting 13 billion sometime in the 22nd century. A population explosion of such magnitude would be ecologically disastrous for humans and for most biodiversity.

"No Vacancy" is a chronicle of sobering optimism in a world more accustomed to thinking about population as a dilemma with little hope of positive reversal. Family planning professional Bob Gillespie journeys the world in search of answers, providing an extraordinary window on remarkable changes occurring in country after country; new currents that have resulted in smaller family sizes and the empowerment of women and children.

From Iran, Mexico, Ghana and Nigeria, to countries across Western Europe, as well as the U.S., India, China and Indonesia, "No Vacancy" paints an emotional, at times provocative portrait, of a global transformation; a fertility transition that may well prove to be one of the most important ingredients in humanity's survival, and the survival of the earth.

Festivals : - Honolulu International Film Festival - Red Bank International Film Festival - Cinequest Sudbury International Film Festival - COMMFFEST Community Film Festival - Secret City Film Festival - Queens International Film Festival - Big Muddy Film Festival - FAIF-AICAA International Film Festival - Flint Film Festival - Omaha Film Festival - Las Vegas Film Festival Crystal Award 2009 - EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival - Anchorage International Film Festival - Bay Street Film Festival - Swansea Bay Film Festival - International Film Festival England - International Film Festival South Africa - Da Vinci Film Festival, Corvallis, Oregon - Cannes Film Festival in France, May 2008 - DISCOP in Budapest, Hungary, June 2008 - Moscow Film Festival, July 2008

Awards : - Winner films competion Honolulu International Film Festival - Best Director: Michael Tobias Honolulu International Film Festival - Winner, Best Documentary Award COMMFFEST Community Film Festival - Winner: Environmental Sustainability Award EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival - Crystal Award 2009 Las Vegas Film Festival

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