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Feisty Old Ones

A 93' feature directed in 2008 by Thierry Boscheron

Hilarious comedy about senior citizen serial killers!

Starring: Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Michèle Simonnet, Sacha Bourdo ...

To while away the time while waiting for the end to come, a group of old age pensioners decides to partake of amphetamines and anabolics, have sex (though they risk heart failure) and drink 200 bottles of 1985 Pommard fine wine stolen from the manager of their old age home!

They go a step further in opposition to the world by killing characters dressed in sweatsuits whom they meet during their walks in the forest and who insult their pride by criticizing their advanced age. With a macabre glee, the pensioners throw their victims into a bottomless pit.

The subsequent police investigation leads to a hilarious meeting between the senior citizens and a police investigator who is not left unscathed...

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