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Vanen - Plumes from Paradise

A 52' documentary directed in 2008 by Loïc Degen, Miguel A Garcia

Vanen, Plumes from Paradise is a dual portrait of the vanen, the Greater Bird-of-Paradise, and photographer Loïc Degen. This film recounts his quest and his sixth expedition in the Aru jungle, in the extreme south-eastern corner of Indonesia, along with seven friends from Wakua, a tiny village in the Archipelago.

Loïc has become one with the villagers. They confide in him and share secrets. Enough to nourish indefinitely the quest of a 34 year old man who still knows how to let himself be overwhelmed by the beauty, the subtlety and poetry of the creatures and the things that surround him.

Festivals : - Festival du Film Ornithologique de Ménigoute 2008 - Nyon 2009

Awards : - Prix du public lors du Mois du film documentaire 2014 du Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Genève - Best Pedagogical Documentary, Grand Prix 2008 (Joint 2nd prize) at the Ornithological Festival of Ménigoute France

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