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Wings above the Amazon

A 52' documentary directed in 2009 by Olivier Girard

Amazonia. A huge territory where men try to settle and survive. But it's also a gold reserve without limits that it is necessary to go tear from the ground, by all means.

To transport men, machinery, supplies and materials, there have been two or three roads, including the famous TransAmazonian Road. But the rainy season makes it impracticable for nearly six months per year. Rivers, large and small, are everywhere, but the transport boats remains too slow for those men perpetually in a hurry.

There is only aviation. An outrules aviation performed by odd men. Overloaded aircraft landing on all weather above ten times too short tracks, without any kind of security.

"Wings above the Amazon" deals with the world of pilots jungle, aviation gold in the Amazon. A world of powerful images of unbelievable danger, a race against weather and mechanical problems. Adventurous' lives, as immoderate as the territory that sees unfold.

Pioneers's lives, in the heart of the adventure of the Amazon's conquest.

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