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The Black Sheep

A 90' tv drama directed in 1995 by Francis de Gueltzl

Etienne, accepts an offer from his biggest Tunisian client to swap houses for the summer holidays. His house is a typical bourgeois one in Nice and in Tunis, Ali Bou Salem's is a traditional Arab house. But in Nice, like in Tunis, nothing goes as planned... The Bou Salems urgently have to return to Tunisia and the Perraudin family, with the bailiff in hot pursuit, on no account can return to Nice.

A forced cohabitation takes place in Tunis. The two families confront one another through their differences which appear as weaknesses to the others. They all try to avoid any discussion before accepting, after much wariness and anger, some dialogue. Each member of the two families learns to have a more lucid outlook on their life having had their horizons broadened and the children learn that to grow up can mean to suffer, even though they still have a bit of time in front of them for laughter...

Casting : Michèle LAROQUE, Alain TEULIE, Hammou GRAìA, Amel HEDHILI, Hend SABRI, Jean-Michel LERAY, Christophe CAROLLO

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

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