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The Fairy Wall

A 90' tv drama directed in 1995 by Michel Leviant

Three girls who hardly know each other spend a few weeks holiday together in the hot and sunny French countryside.
Jeanne wants to make the most of the time spent in her family's old house that is soon to be sold. She has come to say goodbye to the ghosts of her childhood. Colombe, with her flirty good looks, is for once going to be studious and revise for her exams. And after years of an average kind of marriage, Colombe's older sister, Marielle, needs a bit of time to herself to decide if she is to keep the baby she fears her husband does not want. To cut a long story short, this is the story of three girls on a "girls only" holiday. The only problem is Pascal, Jeanne's childhood friend, who runs the garage in the neighbouring village... Pascal, with problems of his own...

Casting : Hélène LAPIOWER, Marie VINOY, Iliana LOLIC, Philippe LELIEVRE, Léonor GRASER

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

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