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A Trip to Poland

A 90' tv drama directed in 1994 by Stéphane Kurc

JEANNE, an attractive women in her fifties who no longer believes in love, has just one passion: LAURE her 24 year old daughter. She is, however, far too protective; so much so that she makes ANTOINE, a married man in love with Laure, break up with her daughter. Laure rejects all maternal comfort and tries to commit suicide when her lover leaves her. To make Laure forget Antoine, Jeanne takes her to Zakopane - the Polish ski resort where Laure's father was born. Once there, it is not Laure who has her horizons broadened, but Jeanne. She whisked into a passionate whirlwind affair, casting all her principles aside. She ends up paying for this in tears and deception and finally admits to Laure that she forced Antoine to break up their relationship. After much heartache Jeanne finds a way to her daughter's heart and finally lets her live her own life.

Casting : Macha MERIL, Sophie AUBRY, Ewa SKIBINSKA, Jacek BORKOWSKI, Piotr POLK, Bertrand FARGE

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

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