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Zora's Summer

A 90' tv drama directed in 1994 by Marc Rivière

Zora, an uncontrollable teenager from the city suburbs, is sent to a farm for her summer holiday so her parents won't be expelled from their council flat. Never has she seen so much greenery, nor so many open spaces. Never has she experienced the peace and quiet. Even the smells are foreign to her, as is the country way of life. Zora wreaks emotional havoc in her host family. Their son is wounded by his first pangs of love. His frustrated father seduces Zora. His mother, instead of finding another daughter in Zora, is rejected. A family secret haunts them all... a severely disabled daughter, a taboo subject in the family. Through the havoc she causes, Zora reunites a broken family and helps to heal old wounds .

Casting : Etienne CHICOT, Joan TITUS, Myriam BOYER, Thierry MAGNIER

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

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