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TV-Drama History

 Marion du Faouët, Robber and Rebel

A 2 X 104' tv drama directed in 1996 by Michel Favart

This is the true story of how a strong-blooded peasant girl, known as Marion du Faouët (pronounced"Fao-wet"), dared to defy her peasant fate. She rebelled against poverty, servitude, misery and famine and became the fearsome leader of an outlandish gang of brigands.

For fifteen years, Marion stole from the rich to help the poor, wreaked havoc among the French authorities and cunningly slipped through the hands of her enemies. Even before she was condemned to death in 1755, her reputation for unashamed audacity, striking beauty and endless courage had turned her into a legendary figure. She became the symbol of courage and rebellion for the peasants of the time.

Casting : Carole RICHERT, Laurent MALET, Bruno TODESCHINI, François MARTHOURET, Vincent WINTERHALTER

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

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