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TV-Drama History

4- The Evil's Gold (1943 - 1949)

A 90' & 60' tv drama directed in 2005 by Michel Favart

Not Available for French Speaking Territories
In both Yugoslavia and Albania, communists grab power and start a deadly purge. After a kangaroo court, all Zülfikâr's land and cattle are confiscated and he is sent to a collective farm near Körcé for re-education.

With Greece on the brink of civil war, Suleyman decides to enter politics in an attempt to bring peace to the Balkans. When Pembé discovers that her husband receives money from Takis who makes fortune as arms smuggler, she is deeply shocked. Following a violent argument, she runs away with her new baby to find Dimitri, her former lover who has joined the communist resistance to fight the Greek royalists.

They decide to kidnap Takis to exchange him for a ransom of gold. Enver Hodja with Rasit entrust the gold bars to Zülfikâr telling him to travel to Yugoslavia and hand them overto the Greek partisans as payment of the ransom.

In June 1948, Zülfikâr has to flee Albania with his new girlfriend, Vera. In Monastir, Halil, the old pharmacist reveals to them before dying that Rasit is Zülfikâr's illegitimate son. Back in Albania, they are taken for Yugoslavian spies and arrested. In exchange of Takis's promise that they can keep the gold, a commando of Yugoslav soldiers agrees to eliminate Dimitri and his partisans. Pembé'son is the only survival : "He is the Last Bey of the Balkans".

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