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TV-Drama History

3- The Red Comrade (1924 - 1943)

A 90' & 60' tv drama directed in 2005 by Michel Favart

Not Available for French Speaking Territories

Tom between opposing political systems and ideologies, he watches impotently as the tragic events that would change the course of history unravel.

Zülfikâr clashes with young Rasit who, under the influence of one of his teachers, Enver Hodja, becomes a communist. His bitterness grows when he learns that Suleyman, having managed to get back to Göriçka, has married his cousin, Pembé, the daughter of Hikmet, now in control of the family estate.

In 1939, inspired by Hitler's policy of conquest, Mussolini, invades Albania. Esma and Zülfikâr fight with the communists, then against them, as one political regime succeeds another, flipping in a day from one fanaticism to another.
Families are shattered by a constant civil war that pits brother against brother and fathers against their children.

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