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TV-Drama History

2- The Sons of the Eagle (1916 - 1924)

A 90' & 60' tv drama directed in 2005 by Michel Favart

Zülfikâr barely sees his son grow up. Nostalgic about an empire swept away by the winds of History, he is forced to fight under various flags. Soon becoming a legendary fighter, Zülfikâr taunts the French who put a price on his head. At the last days of First World War in November of 1918, French soldiers break into his home. Myriam dies under torture rather than betray her husband.

Following the massacre of Greeks in Asia Minor, Greece and Turkey agree to a huge exchange of populations. Zülfikâr now learns the bitter lessons of exile. Without ever leaving these mountains, over which he has once lord and master, he takes refuge on his lands in Albania, among the Moslems who call themselves the Sons of the Eagle.

Fighting the Greek rebels who make regular raids into Albania, Zülfikâr saves the lives of Esma and her son, Rasit who come lives with him in Körcé. He successfully launches a career I Albanian politic with Zog, the Prime Minister, but he is not long in discovering that democracy in Albania is nothing by a sham.
When his mother dies, Zülfikâr sneaks back to Göriçka and finds Suleyman, whom he takes back whim him to Körçé. But things between Rasit and Suleyman go very wrong. Both boys are practically the same age, but from the moment they meet, they are rivals.
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