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TV-Drama History

1- Empire of the Wind (1892 - 1914)

A 90' & 60' tv drama directed in 2005 by Michel Favart

Back at the family estate after studying in Thessaloniki, Zülfikâr discovers the pleasures of Monastir, the "Paris of the Balkans", where at the "Crystal Palace" he runs into his friends, Takis, a rather dublous character with whom he lives through this tumultuous period of history.

Zülfikâr falls passionately in love with Esma… But things turn sour. Too young, Zülfikâr panics and abandons the desesperate girl. Esma realizes she is pregnant by Zülfikâr. To avoid the shame of being an unmarried mother, she weds his coachman, Mustafa.

With the Balkans wars, the dying Ottoman Empire collapses. The three borders separating Greece, Yugoslavia and Albania meet right in the middle of Zülfikâr's lands.
In an effort to forget Esma, Zülfikâr marries Myriam a Jewish refugee living in Thessaloniki.
Although he doesn't love her, they have a son Suleyman.

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