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TV-Drama History

 The Last Bey of the Balkans

A 4 X 90' / 6 X 60’ tv drama directed in 2005 by Michel Favart

" The last Bey of the Balkans " is an historical and family saga during the first half of the 20th century in the Balkans, notably in Greece, Albania and Macedonia when a new world was about to be born in pain and blood…

It relates the adventurous life of Zülfikâr, descendant of a long line of Ottoman Beys and Lord of Göriçka Castle, from the decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire to the arrival of Tito when the Iron Curtain cut Europe in half. Zülfikâr is shifted around in the whirlpools of history between three nations, three wars, three political systems and three women…

Casting : Arnaud BINARD, Mélisandre MEERTENS, Michaël COHEN, Mathieu DELARIVE, Bogomil ATANASSOV, Candela FERNANDEZ, Michalis GIANNATOS, Marios IORDANOU, Maria KAVARDJIKOVA, Marilita LAMBROPOLOU, Eva de LUIS, Vangelis ROKKOS, Stratos TZORTZOGLOU, Ignaci VIDAL, ……

The series is also available in 6 X 60'

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