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A 89' & 2 X 56' documentary directed in 2007 by Michael Tobias

Based upon the book, HOTSPOTS Revisited: Earth's Biologically Richest And Most Endangered Terrestrial Ecoregions, by Russell A. Mittermeier,*1), this expeditionary feature film documentary shows how many conservation efforts are succeeding throughout the world; and what it takes - in the trenches - to negotiate a sustainable future for life on Earth. Locations in Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, Chile, the U.S. and New Zealand were chosen as critical representatives of the 35 terrestrial hotspots thus far identified by scientists at Conservation International. The film reveals numerous primates, avians, rodents, bats, insects, reptiles, amphibians, unique plants and human cultural artifacts, some never before filmed. Several new species are recorded on film for the first time.

While stylistically incorporating behind-the-scenes realities of conservation filmmaking itself, the feature film "Hotspots" is driven by an analysis of representative key critical habitats throughout the world most in need of conservation; of techniques that are working to save the most number of threatened, endangered and vulnerable species and genera; and the future outlooks for numerous regions across the planet where there is a good likelihood that well-tuned science, community conservation, government commitment, and informed philanthropic choices can make a huge difference.

Festivals : - Princeton Environmental Film Festival (New Jersey) - Conservation Film Festival (West Virginia) - Environmental Film Festival Washington, D.C. - Cannes Film Festival in France, May 2008 - DISCOP in Budapest, Hungary, June 2008 - Moscow Film Festival, July 2008

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