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The Table

A 57' performing arts directed in 2008 by Bartosz Blaschke

Ever wondered what a razor blade striking a wooden table sounds like?

Four somber looking black suits sit across a large wooden table. Their faces maintain a stony ambiguity as if trying to out bluff one another.

But there are no cards at this table and, beneath it, the men's feet are surrounded by a dazzling array of effects pedals. After a meditative silence, they simultaneously hurl a selection of razor blades into the table top, each strike reverberating around the venue. When they begin to scrape, tap and rub their instrument, these chimes echo outwards until they are making as much noise as any four piece band.

Voyaging through percussive trance to soaring epics through some rock’n’roll violence (albeit politely seated), these sonic clowns reveal themselves to be a tremendously exciting band in what proves to be an original and innovative production.

Festivals : Visions du Réel 2009

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