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Liberty in Restraint

A 52' & 90' documentary directed in 2007 by MISC

As an aspiring photographer, the clandestine world of bondage and discipline, dominance-submission, sadoasochism, fetish fashion and alternative sex was a powerful attraction for Noel Graydon.

LIBERTY IN RESTRAINT follows Noel in his quest for authenticity. In this riveting series of testimonials we meet the mentors, muses and masochists who have inspired artistic endeavours. Noel's journey also embraced years of drug addiction then total recovery, fatherhood and an ongoing struggle to reconcile fetish life with family life.

Peeking behind the scenes on numerous fetish portraits, we enter a curious world of rope artists, lapsed Catholics, pain sluts, adult babies, electro-torture and blood play enthusiasts who approach 'absolution' and sexuality 'like an advanced driving course in sex', and where the initiated take carnal license to extreme limits.

"Liberty In Restraint" delves deeply into Noel's life and portfolio to reveal his work in progress, the passion for his art and its themes, the community he loves to photograph and their controversial transgressive activities.

Festivals : - San Francisco Independent Film Festival - Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival - MAFIA Documentary Awards - Santa Clara County Leather Association - Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival - Raindance Film Festival - CineKink Film Festival 2005 - Melbourne Queerscreen Film Festival - Melbourne Leather Festival -Brisbane Queer Film Festival

Awards : - CineKink Film Festival (Best Short Documentary)

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