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 The Kwazits

A 38 X 2' animation directed in 2009 by Pierre Bouchon, Arnaud Ladagnous

A cleaner called Gus whose job it is to clean a Magician's dressing room, borrows his master's clothes, hat and magic wand and tries his hand at magic. He opens the magician's magic chest lying on the table and each time out pops a Kwazit.

Kwazits are little animated characters of all shapes and sizes drawn in 2D. Each Kwazit has a different form, colour and particularity and, once let out of the magic chest, hops around the live image playing naughty little tricks on poor old Gus.

He just has time to put the Kwazits back in the chest and remove his disguise before the magician walks in the door...

Each episode is made with one fixed shot, a bit like a Punch and Judy show, so the young viewers can feel as if they're part of the action.

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