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ZOG and the Flood

A 2 X 52' & 53' documentary directed in 2010 by Pierre Meynadier

The Pantanal is a wild region in Brazil where the arid season rotates with the rainy one. The old ZOG, the dean of the howler monkeys, was serenely ruling his people in the haven of a generous forest.

But for obscure reasons that no-one can explain, the winds haven't blown this time. And they haven't brought the usual flood with them which is terrible as they usually give life back to the dried out forest.

The rain holdup will turn upside down what Zog always believed to be in the natural order of things. His people will know hunger and thirst for the very first time.

The buds have not blossomed, the water saved up in tree trunks have dried out and the swamp's king, the anaconda Olim, infiltrates the forest with the intention to capture Zog whom is really weakened.

But the water brings forth all its efforts to save the inhabitants of the forest and it finally rains.

Zog and his clan are saved but the old king is worried: What ever happened to the natural order of things?

Zog is also available in 2 cycles of 2 x 52': The Arid Season and The Water Season.

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