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 Deepwater Haven

A 26 X 26' tv drama directed in 1993 by Mark de Friest, Christophe Andrei, Peter Sharp, Wayne Tourell

This is the story of a family about to fall apart. A chance encounter changes their life. Two people help them face obstacles and dangers of all kinds; particularly those inherent to a big harbour in the Pacific.

Cooks Haven is a small community in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand, made up of the working men and women of the harbour and their families.

This series is about two children forced to grow up, coming face to face with moral decisions that will shape their lives. It is also about the excitements and danger of life on the waterfront... runaways, illegal immigrants, smuggling, and even modern piracy.

Most of all, it's about a family rediscovering itself, coming to terms with past grief and learning to love again.

With Vince MARTIN, Agnès WOODMAN, Rosine CADORET, Jean-Claude BOUILLON

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