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TV-Drama Singles


A 57' feature directed in 2003 by Kamal Musale

Aline is living with her grandmother in a small mountain village. As a solitary and introverted person she has developed a deep sensitivity regarding tones that are audible outside the community.

One summer she falls in love with Oliver, a man from the town coming into the mountains to spend his holidays there. When Oliver leaves, Aline is no longer able to live in her valley without her beloved one. Some weeks after his departure she decides to meet him again in town to marry him and make him the legitimate father of the child she is sure to expect.

Having arrived in Bern Aline has to give in quietly for Oliver is neither interested in her nor in her problems. She cannot bear this rejection. Lonely and dispairing she works herself up in a state of insanity, hearing voices that speak to her persistently. These suggest a special remedy for the attainment of the absolute reunification with her lover. Thus Aline invites Oliver for one last dinner…

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