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Zé - Healing in the Invisible Worlds

A 92' documentary directed in 2001 by Kamal Musale, Sebastian Elsaesser

At the age of 29, Sebastian Elsaesser, a German psychologist, suddenly becomes practically blind within the period of several weeks. Neither classical nor alternative western medicines can help him.
Setting off to seek the underlying meaning of his illness, Sebastian finds himself in Brazil in the hands of the most famous spiritual healers. Through a long initiating journey he partially recovers his sight and has a better understanding of the nature of spiritual healing.

Since then, Sebastian devoted his life in understanding mysteries of spiritual healing and paranormal phenomenon.

Swiss director Kamal Musale goes back to the healing process of Sebastian Elseasser to the encounter of healers of the invisible world. He allows us to discover dazzling images of theirs therapeutic methods and surprising interviews of healers entering into a trance.

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