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 We Make do - Creative Africa

A 400 X 6' report directed in 2012 by Miscellaneous Directors

Awe, emotion, surprise : the collection " We Make do - Creative Africa " sheds an unexpected light on a continent that could dramatically surprise us in the next ten years.

From Bamako to Gaborone, from Kinshasa to Adis Abeba, from Dar El Salam to Ouagadougou, discover former kid soldiers who have turned their weapons into musical instruments, a woman who knits hats and jackets out of recycled plastic bags, a village who runs his diesel engines and power generators with an oil made from a seed that grows in the local brush.

This unique collection of stories depicts a dynamic, human and ambitious Africa, in areas as different as economy, health, education, culture, fashion and sustainable development.

Awe, Emotion, Surprise

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