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Culture > Spirituality

Mana - Beyond Belief

A 92' documentary directed in 2004 by Peter Friedman, Roger Manley

What does the Shroud of Turin have in common with Elvis' guitar ?


Mana is the Polynesian word for the power believed to reside in certain objects or people.

Juxtaposing power objects ranging from Lowrider cars and nuclear reactors to Burmese temples and giant tuna fish, Mana - Beyond Belief reveals belief as a fundamental building block of the mind.
Belief is not just religion. It drives the stock market; it determines how we encapsulate history and our personal memories. It underlies racism and war.

And mana is the essential, invisible element behind it all.
Everyone believes in something.

Festivals : - New Zealand Film Festival - Auckland and Wellington - Jakarta Film Festival, Indonesia - Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey - Roxie Cinema in San Francisco - Warsaw Doc Review - World Premiere in competition at Amsterdam - San Francisco Docfest - Atlanta Film Festival - Avignon Film Festival - Durham, North Carolina, USA - Full Frame Documentary Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival - South by Southwest (SXS) 2005 - Marathon Doc, a program of the European Documentary Network - Zagreb Doc Festival

Awards : *World Premiere in competition, Amsterdam *Grand Jury Prize 2006, Rhodes, Greece *Best Cinematography 2005, Festival of Avignon, France

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