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Get the Devil Out

A 101' feature directed in 1979 by Christian Paureilhe

Career, change of career, unemployment, marriage, children, divorce, lovers: François Marot, 45, is sick of all this ! He loses his wits...

Impelled by the demons he had repressed until now, he makes up his mind: on the road! He has nothing to lose now and François just takes the money wherever he finds it: at gas stations, in supermarkets. He travels through France.

On the road, François meets Hélène, a young actress, who just left her company after a violent altercation with the director. Together, they hit the road: carelessness, laughter, passion... The hold-ups become more and more spectacular: car theft, bank robberies...

A former submissive white collar, François, turns little by little into a gangster.

Cast : Pierre Mondy, Micheline Presle, Sylvie Costes, Françis lemaire, Hubert Deschamps, Roland Blanche, Robert Hossein et Richard Anconina.

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