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The Children of Summerhill

A 60' documentary directed in 1997 by Bernard Kleindienst

THE CHILDREN OF SUMMERHILL tells the story of a self-governed school founded in England by A.S.Neill. It achieved world-wide fame through publication of the book "Summerhill".

"What is Summerhill like? Well, for one thing, lessons are optional. Children can go to them or stay away from them, for years if they want to. There is a timetable, but only for the teachers."
Summerhill goes against the notion of traditional schooling, against the notion of parents obsessed by standards of success measured in money, against a social system that turns people into manipulated and docile individuals. But what happens to Summerhill pupils in today's world?

With the help of archival material and interviews with former pupils of all ages, this documentary shows, more than any voyage of adventure, a different way of thinking about education and social integration.

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