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Niger, when water became poison

A 26’ documentary directed in 2004 by Emmanuel Réau

Tibri, a village of 27 000 inhabitants at 600 kms from Niamey, Niger's capital city.
In a free health centre, the medical staff is very busy and realizes its powerlessness.
More than 500 children are handicaped, some of them for life.
Skull enlargement, growth troubles, bone malformation: they are suffering from skeletal and dental fluorosis, a disease caused by a natural fluor excess contained in a water that was long thought to be "drinkable".
This water comes from a deep drilling (174 meters) put in operation in 1985 and exploited till 2001 by the National Comapny of Waters.

- The fisrt cases of malformations appeared on 1987.
- The first medical alert was given only in 1996.

It would take two years more for the Nigerian Government to call for the stopping of water distribution coming from this drilling.

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