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Painters and Sculptors

Devi Tuszynski or Ada's Eyes

A 30' documentary directed in 2004 by Isabelle de Mascolo, Valéry Pétroff

Devi Tuszynski is an internationally known painter. During World War II, in Poland, his country of birth, he had to face blind horror and Exodus.

Today, his rich Art is filled with unusual power: through his paintings, Devi brings the deads back to life.
By Devi's side stands Ada. She has been his piece of luck for forty years. She helps him achieve his Great Work.

Forty years of love and joy, of intense life and deep complicity, in their city of adoption Paris.
Mysterious Ada, of whom we know so few. Except that she gave her eyes to the missing ones, and thus enabled them to keep on watching the world, and his beauties.

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