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A 26' documentary directed in 2000 by Rémi Hatzfeld, Olivier Pascal, Benoît Peeters, Isabelle Willems

" Learning " is about the language of small children. How do they learn their fist words ? We will hear the explanations of Benedicte de Boysson-Bardies. But we will also observe the first steps of young children into the French language.

Thanks to Marc Wimet, a linguist, we will also understand the relativity of certain grammatical rules we have been taught in school.

Learning a language does not only happen in a class-room. After school, the individual rediscovers the other aspects of the language in the streets, in the city, with friends and family. This film will lead us to the discovery of the language of the suburbs with a group of young people in Montreuil. Jean-Pierre Goudailler, professor at the Sorbonne and a specialist of "argot" (slang), pig Latin and patter, will be our guide.

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