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Nemt - A language without people for people without a language

A 93' documentary directed in 2002 by Michel Grosman, Isabelle Rozenbaumas

Nemt : it is the last partial Yiddish inscription that was not erased from the wall of what was once Vilna, the Lithuanian Jerusalem, that means " take-it ".

It is a film on the Yiddish language, on identity and universality. Starting from a story about childhood memories of the Soviet Vilna and memories of the old generation, the film questions the durability of the Yiddish language. The summer university over Yddish language and culture in Vilnius gives the thread of a reflection on the rivalry of this linguistic and spiritual treasury.

The people and the young girls who are in the film discover a long history that is not always theirs and of which they are going to be the actors. And if this remembrance and creation work awakens old wounds more that it cures them, the links that are woven through this old language are undeniably positive.

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