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Though Teens

A 97' feature directed in 1993 by Nenad Dizdarevic

The script is based on Branko COPIC's autobiographical novel "The though Teens", a very popular book published in 1950 in ex Yugoslavia.
The subject of the film is the passage from childhood to adolescence, and is set in a Yugoslavian highschool on the eve of the 2nd world war.
There, we discover a group of 15 teenager in all their diversity, the binds and conflicts among them, and the adult world. Together they experience their first rebellion, their firs love...
On the 28th of march 1992 the last scene was shot in Bosnia. One week later, on April 4th, war broke out.

Nenad Dizdarevic has just completed in France, the first film to come from independant state of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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