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Fishing Adventures in the Andaman Sea

A 52' documentary directed in 2001 by Eric Elléna

The deep blue waters of the Andaman Sea, on the southwest coast of Thailand, are an explorer's paradise with countless islands and secluded bays, where fishing is often the only resource for inhabitants.
In Phang Nga Bay, Bamboo Island villagers collect wild mussels and catch small mackerels to feed the voracious Pla Shon Palai of their fish farm.
Off Phuket island, Sea Gypsies, using rudimentary air systems, dive down as deep as 50 meters to spear the barracudas, groupers, and sea cucumbers, with which they resurface.
Phuket offering day trips to the Racha Islands, and trips of 3 to 7 days to the Similan or Andaman Islands is one of Asia's most popular sport fishing destinations; with great opportunities to catch just about every species of game fish found in the Indian Ocean, including such prizes as sailfish, marlin, dorado and wahoo.
Although the Andaman Sea region is on the migratory paths of such classic fighting fish, traditional fishing, as well as sport fishing, is today threatened by the systematic methods of Thailand's commercial fisheries, forcing local fishermen and anglers further and further out.

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