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 Old Races of Farm Animals

A 10 X 26' doc series directed in 2000 by Jean-Yves Charpin, Dominique Martin-Ferrari, Vincent Trisolini, Jérôme Tubiana

It's a ten episodes series to speaks about the French territories animals.

Contrary to the trend showing exotic and savage animals life, we want to show how is possible to preserved the old races and the farm animals in their original territories.

In this way we propose a portrait of different French regions and we describe traditional issues, landscapes, animals life with the local people voices, who try to don't forget their traditions and to let them survive.

"Old Races of Farm Animals : The Breton Horse - The Toulouse Goose - The Aubrac Cow - The Provencal Donkey - The Rove Goat -The Basque Pig - The Black Hen of Touraine - The Comtois Horse - The Boulogne Sheep - The Ardennais Turkey

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