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The "Defile", Biennial of the Dance of Lyon

A 52' documentary directed in 2000 by Charles Picq

" Le Défilé " has become in two years' time the most popular and the most festive dance event of Lyon.

4500 participants, comprising 29 groups. The third annual " défilé " takes us along the Silk Road, a dream road, roads of dialogue. From India to the Croix-Rousse, from French Ardeche villages to the steppes of Mongolia, here is a mosaic of colors, materials, scents.
Seven months of preparation and working together, multi-generational, multi-disciplined, a fusion of dances, costumes and music.

The biggest dancing parade in Europe, happy together today and forever.
This documentary also shows the social role of the Défilé.
On top of being a festive event, the Défilé brings together a large part of the Lyon community, of all ages and of all walys of life.

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