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André Verdet: only Space is Eternal...

A 51' documentary directed in 2002 by Daniel Ziv

André Verdet, born 1913 who lived in Saint Paul de Vence, was an author, painter, sculptor, astrophysicist, filmmaker, musician and also a holocaust survivor. He was an author who wrote 240 books, some of them with Jacques Prévert. He also wrote books about his friends: Picasso, Braque, Léger, Matisse, Chagall and others, as well as about his village, a village he loved. It was Picasso who told Verdet to paint and sculpt. ‘But I’m not a painter’ Verdet protested to Picasso. ‘Oh yes you are’ Picasso replied ‘you have the signature of a painter’ and then he gave him his first set of paints. Astrophysicist, the name of his film ‘Only Space is Forever’, an idea very dear to André Verdet. His other films are about Vallauris and Picasso. And because Verdet never made anything half-way, to make music he put together a jazz band together with the Group Beltégeuse. During the war André was part of the resistance movement. He was arrested by Gestapo at the same time with Desnos, and he was sent to Buchenwald. He survived, but the images of suffering never left him. André Verdet died 1996 and joined the Eternal space which he loved so much. Year 2013 would have been his 100th anniversary. Many manifestations will commemorate André, and at least 4 books will be published, one by Françoise d’Armengaud, one by Cipriani, one by Frédéric Altman and another one by Daniel Ziv, with 100 photos shot by his friends, among who : Frédéric Altmann, Françoise Armengaud, Alain Besse, Elen Fernex, Yves Klein, Erling Mandelmann, Emile Savitry, Gilbert Trem, Nadine Vivier and Bill Wyman.

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