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Daniel Larrieu, + Qu'hier : A documentary

A 52' documentary directed in 2001 by Pascal Roger

Daniel Larrieu embodies an essential element of the history of contemporary dance for the last 20 years. He has had a happy passage through this period, offering unexpected and surprising shows. Since 1982, his choreographic works have seduced audiences by their light and serious poetry "+ qu'hier, plein feu et petit bateau" is his latest production. Here he revisits his previous works in a condensed form, made up of 15 extracts. This show is a great première since it is conceived in such a way so that it can represented in strange and varied places: a car park, a castle courtyard or a community centre.

This film allows us to approach the universe of Daniel Larrieu. It is a rare opportunity for a wonderful encounter with an original creator, who speaks to us of his artistic expression which has seduced a wide public for almost 20 years.

This film is the documentary background to the show "+ Qu'hier" proposed in this catalogue.

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