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Fun & Crazy

 South West Stories

A 5 X 12' doc series directed in 1997 by Laurent Cheval, Philippe Lespinasse, Régis Michel

" DAMNED STRONG MEN " In some villages of the Basque country, it is a tradition to have tugs-of-war, to lift carts and to chop lumber in public areas.

" THE PROPHET OF THE LANDAISE'RACE " In the Landes region of France, the course landaise is a real culture with its own stars and audience, its schools and masters.

" THE BAZAS'WORKERS'CIRCLE " The story of one of the last remaining "trade-guild" bistros in the Landes region, founded in 1883.

" THE STONES LIFTERS " In Spanish Basque country, stone-lifting is a sport which attracts many people. Some men, heirs to that tradition, are considered real champions.

" BASQUE PELOTA " This activity is a real cultural event in the Basque country. Some professionals are even skilled enough to play it bare hands, without any other instrument to perpetuate that tradition.

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